Buying a Business to Rejuvenate the Hub of a Community

Delores Block and Michael McCulloch at Sunbelt Edmonton

Delores Block is a dynamic player says Sunbelt Edmonton owner Michael McCulloch

Delores Block likes small-town community life. When she discovered an opportunity to bid on purchasing an Alberta Registry Office in a nice, small town outside of Edmonton, she pursued it. Through the Edmonton office of Sunbelt Business Brokers, she’s now taking the first steps to shaping her own personal growth as well as to contributing to the prosperity of the region.

Backed by 25 years of experience in retail management and customer service, Delores was ready to take on a challenge of running her own business.  For about 10 years, she managed a gas station; for about 25 years, she managed a convenience store. But after all those years of long hours and shift work, Delores wanted to put her energy to work in a more structured environment. No more nights and weekends!

Ready for Change

When she searched for businesses for sale, she saw a listing for an Alberta Registry Office housed with a retail component.  To learn more about the business, Delores went to see Michael McCulloch, owner of the Sunbelt Edmonton office.

Delores adds, “The professionalism shown from Michael and Dale has been outstanding. Since the first time we met, Michael has shown me such high respect and willingness to help me with everything to forward my success. There’s nothing he doesn’t do for you without a smile.”

Delores learned that the business was definitely ready for a change. Both she and Michael, along with business broker Dale Alton, could see that Delores could provide the breath of fresh air that this business needed to prosper in the future.

Taking on a Challenge

Let’s look at what Delores is taking on.

Across the province, Alberta Registry Offices act as licensed, authorized agents for many common government services:

  • Motor vehicle registrations, driver’s testing and licensing
  • Lien searches, land title searches, corporate registry searches, vital statistics searches
  • Marriage and birth certificates

In Delores’s case, the registry office is co-located with a retail and catalogue outlet, bringing her back to her roots in retail. In addition, the purchase includes the building and the land. Delores will also inherit two full-time staff members and one half-time staff member. Being in the centre of a small town, this Alberta Registry Office is set to become a centre of activity.

Researching the Business

While Delores had never heard of Sunbelt, she found Michael and Dale to be “awesome people” who helped her every step of the way.

After her initial meeting, she and Michael met with the current owner. That started the process of looking through the books. As Michael said, “As usual, there needed to be some discovery about the reality of the financial statements.” Michael also assisted in obtaining the seller’s discretionary income, which helped to move the purchasing process farther along.

Delores Block and Dale Alton at Sunbelt Edmonton

Dale Alton was instrumental in helping Delores Block with her business plan.

Because Alberta Registry Offices are government agencies, stiffer requirements for purchase apply. Michael helped to prepare the proper documentation; Dale was particularly instrumental in helping Delores with her business plan. They also set up Delores with a corporate bank account and helped her to solidify the financing arrangements. Through all of this, Michael described Delores as a “dynamic player.”

Almost There

The documents for purchasing the Alberta Registry Office along with the retail activity are in the process of being assessed by the provincial authorities. Because Sunbelt Edmonton and Delores herself have done so much groundwork, Michael doesn’t anticipate a problem or delay. Read what Delores has to say:

“All concerns I mentioned to Michael, he was there with answers and to help me find the answers I needed to know. Michael has provided me with assurance and support to succeed with this venture. Michael and Dale have been fantastic to deal with, I truly believe I have met long-time friends.”

Helpful Advice

“Get to know whom you’re dealing with,” says Delores, who puts much store in factors such as trust and reputation. She’s firm in her praise of Sunbelt Edmonton:

I would personally recommend this Sunbelt office with Michael and Dale to anyone needing to discuss any business. If anyone has any questions, call these two gentlemen and all your concerns will be handled with respect. I truly think so highly of these two gentlemen; my experience could not be greater. I absolutely love talking with them both.

“I didn’t expect such service,” Delores exclaimed. “I can’t begin to tell you how good an experience it was.

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