Meet Luis Quevedo

Luis Quevedo-l

Sunbelt office owners are great people.

And we’d like you to meet them.

Meet Luis Quevedo, owner,

Sunbelt Business Brokers Montreal South Shore

Office(s): Montreal South Shore
Birthplace: Lima, Peru
Education: CPA Auditor, CMA, MBA
Volunteer commitment: Coach, Teenage Soccer
Business experience: Two years as a broker and 15 years as a commercial account manager for different financial institutions.
80% of my transactions have involved selling business in the $1- to $3-million price range. Currently owners of distribution, manufacturing and technological businesses.
Biggest lessons learned: Invest in yourself through training, reading. Always be ready to help others and take care of details.
Influenced by: Steve Jobs.  Warren Buffet.  Love what you do—that is the only way to succeed. Focus on one thing at the time.
First job: Washing dishes at a fancy restaurant.
First job at university: teller at a bank.
After university: financial adviser at a financial institution.
Advice I’d give the younger me: Be honest, work hard, invest in yourself, always put some money aside, and take care of your family.
Favourite pastimes: Soccer, reading, and spending time with my family.

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